Real Estate, Campuses, Museums, Shops, Exhibition Centers, Hotels & Restaurants, Co-working spaces...
Properties and spaces featured with virtual tours get 95% more inquiries. Virtual tours have become the gold standard for showcasing places. With the best 360 photographer on the market, they’ll be more than that.
We let you, Immerse your visitors before they arrive.

High resolution panoramic imagery360 PhotoS & VIDEOS

Storytelling, Journalism, live performances, VR Experiences, Events coverage in 360.
We shoot High Definition 360 Photos & Videos using professional high end tools and expertise to create content that makes impact.
Whether live or prerecorded, A wow effect is guaranteed!

Training & EducationTrain and Educate Like Never Before

Schools, Corporate & Health Institutions, Factories and NGO's
Kigali 360 provides unmatched local & customized content to introduce students or employees to a new way of learning with virtual reality. We create environments that give seamless simulations or transport students to new locations.
For businesses, we help accelerate the transition of adopting change and decrease the risk and effect on the business and guarantee that personnel are well prepared.