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Virtually explore Rwanda

What is exactly a 360 photo or Virtual tour?

A 360 photo, is a panoramic image that is wide
enough to cover the full surrounding point from which the shot was taken.

A virtual tour is an interactive digital form of an existing location. 
Consiting of multiple 360 photos, it gives the audience a chance to view a location from anywhere via their phone, virtual reality headset or computer in full 360°


Real Estate

Properties featured with virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries.
Virtual tours have become the gold standard for showcasing property.
With the best 360 photographer on the market, they’ll be more than that.

Travel & Hospitality

We shoot customized virtual tours using professional tools and expertise
to boost your hotel booking and restaurant turnover by more than 25%.

Training & Education

Kigali 360 provides unmatched local content to introduce your students
to a new way of learning with virtual reality. We create environments
that give seamless simulations or transport students to new locations.

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